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Graphene is a honeycomb planar film formed by sp2 hybridization of carbon atoms It is a quasi-two-dimensional material with only one atomic layer thickness
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Graphene is a honeycomb planar film formed by sp2 hybridization of carbon atoms. It is a quasi-two-dimensional material with only one atomic layer thickness, so it is also called monatomic layer graphite. Its thickness is about 0.335nm, according to the different ways of production there are different ups and downs, usually in the vertical direction of the height of about 1nm, the horizontal width of about 10nm to 25nm, is in addition to all the carbon crystal (zero-dimensional fullerenes , One-dimensional carbon nanotubes, three-dimensional to graphite).

Long before there is a physicist in theory to predict, quasi-two-dimensional crystal itself thermodynamic nature of instability, at room temperature will be quickly decomposed or curled, so it can not exist alone. [1] Until 2004, the British University of Manchester physicist Andrei Gem and Constantine Norfolkov, with micro-mechanical stripping method successfully separated from the graphite graphene, confirmed that it can exist alone, For the study of graphene began to active, the two also won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

The most promising application of graphene is the replacement of silicon, making ultra-miniature transistors for the production of future supercomputers. With graphene instead of silicon, the computer processor will run hundreds of times faster.

In addition, graphene is almost completely transparent, only absorb 2.3% of the light. On the other hand, it is very dense, even the smallest gas molecule (helium) can not penetrate. These features make it ideal for use as a transparent electronic product, such as a transparent touch screen, a light-emitting panel and a solar panel.

As a new type of nanomaterials with the strongest, strongest and most conductive conductivity, graphene is known as "black gold" and "king of new materials", scientists even predict that graphene will "completely change the 21st century " It is likely to set off a sweeping global disruptive new technology and new industrial revolution.

main application

Graphene has a special effect on the basic research of physics, which allows some quantum effects that can only be used on paper to be verified by experiments, such as electrons that ignore the obstacles and achieve ghosts. But more interesting is the physical nature of its many "extreme" nature.

Because only one layer of atoms, electronic movement is limited to a plane, graphene also has a new electrical properties. Graphene is the world's best conductive material, electrons in which the speed of movement reached the speed of 1/300, far more than the electronic in the general conductor of the speed of movement.

In the plastic mixed with one percent of the graphene, can make the plastic with good conductivity; add one thousandth graphene, can make the plastic heat resistance increased by 30 degrees Celsius. On this basis can be developed thin, light, good tensile and super tough new materials for the manufacture of cars, aircraft and satellites.

With the batch production and large-scale problems such as the gradual breakthrough in the industrialization of graphene the pace of industrialization is accelerating, based on existing research results, the first commercial applications of the field may be mobile equipment, aerospace, new energy Battery area.

Consumer Electronics Show can be curved on the screen high-profile, as the future development trend of mobile device display. Flexibility shows the future market is broad, and the prospect of graphene as the base material is also promising. Data show that in 2013 the global demand for mobile phone touch screen in about 965 million. By 2015, Tablet PC demand for large-size touch screen will reach 230 million, for the application of graphene provides a broad market. South Korea's Samsung researchers have also made a multi-layer graphene and other materials composed of transparent flexible display, I believe that large-scale commercial just around the corner.

On the other hand, the new energy battery is also the first commercial graphene an important area. Before the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully developed a surface with a graphene nano-coated flexible photovoltaic panels, can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing transparent solar cells, this battery may be in the night vision goggles, cameras and other small Digital equipment applications. In addition, the successful development of graphene super battery, but also to solve the new energy vehicle battery capacity and charging time is long, greatly accelerating the development of new energy battery industry. This series of research results for graphene in the application of new energy battery industry paved the way.

Due to the high conductivity, high strength, ultra-thin and other characteristics, graphene in the field of aerospace military applications is also extremely prominent advantages. Not long ago, the United States NASA developed for the field of aerospace graphene sensor, can be very good on the Earth's high-altitude atmosphere of trace elements, spacecraft structural defects such as detection. And graphene in the ultra-light aircraft materials and other potential applications will also play a more important role.



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