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Bo Road Tiancheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd established on October 15, 2012, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the legal representative: Gong Jingyao, the company Address: Wuqiang County Industrial Zone, the business scope: lithium Battery research and development, production, sales; lithium battery positive and negative materials, carbon and graphite and related new products, new technology research and development, production and sales of the production of self-produced products and engaged in goods and technology import and export business.

The company is located in the hometown of Chinese New Year paintings, music town - Wujiang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, located in the central part of North China, is the focus of the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Delta region, convenient transportation north and Baocang high-speed, And stone yellow high-speed, west and large high-speed, east and Beijing new high-speed, connecting Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong, Shanghai and other places.

The company has a total investment of 510 million yuan, covers an area of ​​192 acres (128,000 square meters), construction area of ​​105,000 square meters, the company is a scientific and technological innovation as the guide to innovation, pragmatism, integrity and efficiency for the purpose of R & D innovative enterprises, Key Project Units in Hebei Province. Companies to adopt advanced management mode, has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.

Since the founding of the company adhering to the "quality of survival, in good faith and development, and serve the customers wholeheartedly" business philosophy, down to earth to do products, good faith for customers, a product on the market, quickly get many customers like and favor.

Companies in many fields and domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning have long-term technical cooperation. And China's Tianjin University, Hunan University, China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association has long-term technical cooperation in the country's relevant industrial policy and the strong support of the national economic development environment driven by the company's products sell well, the development prospects are bright and now has many well-known at home and abroad Business cooperation.

The company has strong R & D strength, the existing professional and technical personnel 26 people, advanced production equipment, improve the process and scientific means of detection, the company's main products for the new energy lithium-ion battery and battery lithium-ion battery anode material, lithium battery With the cathode material, graphitized particles, special steel with carbon agent, high purity graphite pieces and so on. The company's products with excellent quality and reasonable price advantage, among the users enjoy a higher status, won the majority of customers praise.

The project is divided into three phases of construction, a project of graphitization production line a total of nine Acheson purification furnace has been completed and has been put into operation, the design of lithium battery anode material production capacity of 5,000 tons, the product is mainly used for new energy development, including New energy automotive batteries, power batteries, mobile power, mobile base stations energy storage batteries, civilian military mobile power lithium batteries, and domestic well-known enterprises and companies. In addition, the second phase of the graphite production line a total of Aixin purification furnace 12 has started construction, is expected to produce 9,000 tons per year, special steel with carbon agent 18,000 tons, the existing civil engineering has been completed, the equipment is being selected. Two for the new energy lithium battery anode material production line two, the negative material production equipment 20 sets, plans to produce 4,000 tons, the main customers for the well-known domestic enterprises. Three for the lithium-ion battery Parker production line 5, the new automatic robot multi-station Parker welding equipment 20 sets, the battery assembly line 5, lithium-ion battery single test press 10 sets and so on. With an annual output of 750,000 lithium-ion battery.


The project market prospects, the company completed and put into operation after the expected annual sales income of 1114.6 million yuan, the project average annual profit of 253,114,500 yuan, paid taxes of 74.3321 million yuan. The future of the company's social performance achievements, to create social benefits, increase local taxes, promote the development of related industries, to solve a large number of local staff employment, promote the local new energy industry, so that the local overall industry level has improved.

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