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Lithium battery life is less than the theoretical life of the reasons

Time:2017-02-07 09:32:16Source:Bo Road Tiancheng

In general, the life of lithium-ion batteries in the battery to make the finished product that moment has been decided, which is determined by the specific characteristics of its materials and structures, only according to the material and structure to calculate the battery life known as the theory Life, but the work of the lithium battery is often expressed as the actual life, not up to the theoretical life requirements. The extent to which the actual life is less than the theoretical life is caused by the non-working loss of the capacity.

This non-working loss is affected by the following factors:

1, lithium-ion battery side effects,

2, lithium-ion battery active material irreversible consumption,

3, the large lithium-ion battery, the battery operating current, cooling slow, easy to damage the battery structure.

4, if the lithium battery additional safety protection measures, need to be provided by the lithium battery to maintain the power.

Lithium battery capacity of the damage in the lithium battery charging, discharge and self-discharge process shown:

1, with the increase in the number of cycles, charging time is reduced. Lithium battery charging platform in the 3.7V ~ 4.2V, this stage filled capacity accounted for more than 90% of the total charge, with the number of cycles increased, the voltage rise speed, charging capacity decreased.

2, lithium battery discharge platform in the 4.1V ~ 3.6V, the discharge capacity of the stage accounted for more than 90% of the total capacity, with the increase in the number of cycles, lithium battery discharge platform to reduce the discharge capacity also decreased.

3, lithium battery self-discharge power accounted for the proportion of lithium battery total power increases with the increase in the number of cycles, but the lithium battery discharge platform to accelerate lower.

Lithium-ion battery life reduction performance for the capacity of the decline in the characteristics of the description: lithium battery life is limited, it is the development of anything with the same capacity decline is the amount of change to qualitative change of a form of expression. From this performance can be seen, to extend the life of lithium battery method is undoubtedly from the scientific charge and discharge and reduce the self-discharge point of view to consider.

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