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Lithium battery, liquid flow battery and lithium ion capacitor comparison

Time:2017-02-07 09:29:32Source:Bo Road Tiancheng

With the electric car and fixed position for the large-scale battery system in the family and social life in the growing popularity of rechargeable batteries from nickel-metal hydride batteries to lithium-ion battery after the gradual completion of the transition, not only lithium battery research and development direction of multi-purpose Development trend, but also the birth of lithium-ion capacitors and liquid current battery two new storage technology line. The following three kinds of power storage methods of their respective advantages and disadvantages of a comparison:

1, lithium batteries use lithium ions in the positive and negative between the back and forth embedded and de-embedded chemical reaction and work, it can be combined into a variety of cathode materials and anode materials to achieve different purposes, such as high power type, large capacity type, High temperature type, long life type and other outstanding performance of the lithium battery, but at the same time to obtain excellent or a number of important parameters of the excellent lithium battery also requires a new material technology revolution. Power lithium battery is currently more developed in the global region is Europe and the United States, East Asia, lithium battery power is the United States and Japan and South Korea and so on.

2, lithium-ion capacitor is the traditional double-layer capacitor improved varieties, negative and lithium-ion battery the same principle, positive electrode is the use of double-layer effect of the electrostatic capacity. In this way, the lithium ion capacitor has both the high power and long life advantages of the electric double layer capacitor, and the high capacity characteristic of the lithium ion battery. The reason why the lithium ion capacitor is higher than the energy density of the electric double layer capacitor is because the voltage and Increased electrostatic capacity. This effect is achieved by two ways: (1), by adding lithium ions to the capacitor from the traditional electric double layer capacitor voltage from 2.5V ~ 3V up to 4V, (2), the negative because of lithium ions, and thus high In the electric double layer capacitor of the original activated carbon, and increased by at least 1 times the capacity.

3, the redox flow battery is the use of diaphragm isolation of two kinds of ion solution, set in the two solutions of the electrode (positive and negative) with the solution through the pump on the tank to work and began to cycle the flow of oxidation were And the reduction reaction.

The energy density of the flow cell is lower than that of the lithium battery, but it is easy to increase the output power (by adding the cell stack) and the capacity (through the addition of the vanadium solution tank), thus requiring high power and high capacity requirements for large storage facilities Special advantages, and therefore become a driving force for the future of one of the energy.

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